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Atlantis - Karhide Split 7"

Atlantis - Karhide Split 7"


Atlantis- Karhide split single

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Atlantis - is an instrumental electronic and rock solo project by Gilson C. Heitinga featuring layers of heavy guitars, synths and samples. “This is heavy” is taken from the fourth coming "Carpe Omnium" CD released on Field Records on October 29th.

The music straddles a wide range of musical genres and modes, while retaining a characteristically intense sound through instruments and a heavy use of electronics and electronic processing taking influences from bands like Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis, Portishead, SWANS, Clint Mansell.

Karhide - is an instrumental solo project by Tim Waterfield ex-Ann Arbor all produced on a laptop in the backwoods of Maine in the USA!  This is the second release and sees the tempo halved and the guitars turned down to 7.   




Atlantis / Karhide 'split' (Field). Second featured release from the small though obviously perfectly formed Field imprint, again an ultra limited 100 only 7" split this time featuring Dutch musician Gilson C. Heitinga (Atlantis) and ex Ann Arbor member Tim Waterfield (Karhide). Culled from his recent 'Carpe Omnium' full length, Atlantis stump up the feedback laced neo psychedelic space grooved 'this is heavy' - a glorious manifestation of towering hazily glazed dream pop that succulently dips with deft clarity between slithers of stately resonant 70's styled mind warping ambience a la Floyd with the mercurial side trimmings of Porcupine Tree that assumes for the best part a jaw dropping celestial Cathedral like grace pierced by cloud howling stratospheric braids that soon unfurl in effervescent sheens of bliss fuelled white noise that recall early career Flying Saucer Attack. Quite stunning if you ask me. Albeit more refrained and less monumental in terms of sonic execution, nevertheless prepared not to be outdone or outshone Karhide's 'Ride' over on the flip sees Mr Waterfield armed with only his trusted laptop crafting out a beautifully down tempo canvas upon which a flirty side winding riff nuzzles and noodles away seeking sanctuary beneath your defences, ushered along by tides of monastic elegance in the shape of droning feedback manipulations this delicately balanced morsel sumptuously trips the wire between noise and pastoral tranquillity to eke out a vividly enticing aural landscape whose tempered shoe-gazed bliss a la My Bloody Valentine is sweetly honeyed and harnessed and served up as a delightfully spongy and trippy montage that to these ears had us recalling Discordia and early career Toshack Highway. Another winner then from those Field dudes and again another simply essential platter.



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