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Gilson C. Heitinga Guitars, Vocals, Progamming

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The first Atlantis release called "Carpe Omnium" will be released in September/October 2007. The album will be mainly instrumental, and tells a story that was inspired by the feeling of loss. The music of Atlantis is the creation of Gilson C. Heitinga, who has written, arranged, produced and programmed the whole album.

Now that the album has been completed Atlantis is going to emerge from the studio and transform into a full on live experience. The live line-up has been formed, and is ready to hit the road and perform these songs live.


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Atlantis - Carpe Omnium
Atlantis - Carpe Omnium You can also download as MP3 from: Atlantis began life in ..
Atlantis - Karhide Split 7"
Atlantis- Karhide split single You can also download as MP3 from: Atlantis - is an..
Atlantis - Mistress of Ghosts
Atlantis - Mistress of Ghosts You can also download as MP3 from:   Atlantis..
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